Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Welcome to my Blog

Hello All, Welcome to my blog! Not sure how to go about this at all but will get cracking in some way or another...Can I have two blogs? I guess so...I want to do one about my darling doggie Billy who is 14 months old. Shall I call it Dog Blog? Or The Dog With The Pearl Earring? I'm inspired by the second one because Billy swallowed one of my pearl earrings and we had to follow him around until nature gave it back to us.

Billy is a boy of great taste. He loves parma ham, smoked salmon, the odd prawn, chicken and, curiously, the odd raw courgette. He is not at all greedy, in fact he is quite picky. If he doesn't fancy something he's quite happy to ignore his food until something more interesting turns up.Of course we're making rods for backs and all that but he is SO LOVABLE!

Now the typing has got smaller and I can't find out how to change the font size...Just as I was getting into it. I'd better save for the moment...